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What we do

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Oil and Gas Solutions

GMC Limited is an independent offshore and integrated solutions provider. We are a niche specialist company combining innovative engineering and project management skills with global expertise, resources, and presence. GMC has a 30-year history of engineering excellence, innovation, and invention across many industries including oil and gas.

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Renewables Solutions

GMC has a strong track record in adapting existing proven products from the oil and gas industry to provide cost savings to the renewable sectors including Offshore Wind, Geothermal and Hydrogen and CCUS. GMC products are adaptable, maintenance free and can be made up in air or under water.

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Mining Solutions

GMC's lightweight sea floor mining risers play a vital role in the extraction of mining minerals ore from the seabed to the surface. These risers incorporate GMC's innovative snap-lay connectors, enabling swift deployment and connection to the subsea excavation equipment for efficient recovery of minerals.

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Aquaculture Solutions

GMC's expansion into the multi-sector connected tubular provider role has paved the way for successful projects in the Aquaculture sector. Our structural connectors enable fast assembly of cage structures, simplifying transportation and on-site assembly. Our mooring connection systems ensure secure anchoring of aquaculture pens in harsh conditions. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, GMC supports the success of aquaculture operations in shallow and deep waters.