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UP Series - Upset Riser

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The upset riser connectors offered by GMC utilise a premium connector profile directly machined into the ends of high-grade steel. These connectors are designed without the need for welding and meet the DNV B1 Fatigue quality standard.

The direct machining of the connector profile into the steel ends eliminates the need for additional welding processes, streamlining the installation and ensuring a robust connection. This approach contributes to the overall integrity and reliability of the riser system.

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  • Size Range: 6" - 16" (152 mm - 406mm)
  • Tooth Type: Concentric thread, designed for reusability
  • Make-up Type: Linear hydraulic
  • Maintenance Requirements: None, routine inspectable via conventional inspection technology
  • Pipe Grades Used: X80, T95, C110
  • Sour Service Ready: Yes

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