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PR Series - Pipeline / Production Riser

PR Series


The pipeline/production riser connection developed by GMC is specifically designed to endure extreme conditions encountered in hydrocarbon production. It is engineered to meet the demands of sour service environments and high fatigue applications, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

One key feature of this connection design is the integration of GMC's patented Preload Spacer. This innovative component enhances the fatigue life of the connection through internal and external pre-load mechanisms.

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The pipeline/production riser connection has been rigorously tested and qualified according to ISO 21329 standards. This certification demonstrates its compliance with industry benchmarks for quality and performance, providing assurance of its reliability and suitability for demanding offshore applications.

With its ability to withstand harsh conditions, including sour service environments and high fatigue loads, this connection ensures the integrity and longevity of production risers in challenging offshore operations.

Jumper in a box

Jumper in a Box (Case Study)

GMC’s Jumper in a Box is an innovative use of the GMC Mechanical Connector that allows jumpers/ spools to be installed offshore within hours of completing the metrology. It utilises pre-angled spool sections and the benefits of GMC’s concentrically ringed connector and its non-rotational make-up.

GMC provides a complete Jumper with our mechanical box and pin connector. Fabrication of all components is performed onshore under the strictest controls, removing the need for welding on the critical path.

GMC Connected Technology: Jumper In A Box on Vimeo

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  • Size Range: 6” – 42” (152mm – 1067mm)
  • Tooth type: Concentric thread – Re-usable
  • Make up type: Linear hydraulic
  • Maintenance requirements: None, Routine inspectable via convention inspection technology
  • Pipe grades used on: X52, X56, X65, X70, X80, L80 T95, C110, 13CR, 25Cr, 316,
  • Sour Service ready: Yes

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