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Jumper in a Box



Enable wellheads and PLETS to be connected to manifolds quickly with “off the shelf” configurable prefabricated spool sections.

GMC’s Jumper in a Box is an innovative proven solution using the GMC’s PR (Pipeline and Riser) Series Mechanical Connector that allows jumpers/ spools to be installed offshore within hours of completing the metrology.

It utilises offshore configurable prefabricated spool sections and GMC’s connection technology.

IMG 3516


The pre-angled spool sections, are quickly adjusted and snapped together offshore to match the configuration defined from the metrology. Simple deployment using a crane and an adjustable spreader bar to meet any jumper profile.

Jumper in a box


  • Superior Fatigue life (40+ years design service life).
  • Triple metal to metal seal barriers - suitable for HPHT Flowlines.
  • Configurable for any length or restricted space.
  • Eliminates minimum bend radius restrictions.
  • No limitations in size of the ID bore.
  • Rapidly configured for simple deployment.