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About Us

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Our Story

GMC Limited is headquartered in Reading UK, serving as a base for project management, sales, procurement and accounts. We have an operational base and test facility situated in Aberdeen and engineers located all around the world.

Our principal business units undertake major engineering projects in support of many engineering industries but are equally experienced in small projects, project management and FEED studies. Working in all phases of project development, GMC integrate operational experience with concept, detailed and practical engineering.

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Our Products

Our tubular products incorporate GMC's family of mechanical connectors and are tailored for a wide range of applications. These include turnkey riser solutions such as Drilling Risers, Mining Risers, Production/Pipeline Risers, and Riser Caissons. We also offer solutions for Subsea Jumpers, Well Conductors, offshore wind (fixed and floating) Transition Pieces, Tower Connections, TLP Tendons, Compliant Tubular Mooring Systems, and Structural Connections for the rapid assembly and installation of floating structures.

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Our Aim

GMC's primary objective is to revolutionise the conventional approach of welding or bolting tubulars offshore. Instead, we promote the utilisation of simple, reliable and fast make up mechanical connectors.

By adopting this approach, our aim is to deliver a defect-free and repeatable process while simultaneously reducing the need for offshore labour and expensive installation real estate. This strategy effectively minimises both risk and cost associated with offshore operations.

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